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Sample Americanitis Survey Stations
Sample Americanitis Survey Stations

Survey Stations, clockwise from upper left:

Portland, ME
Detroit, MI
Rapid City, SD
New Orleans, LA

A survey on a little known, but once popular 19th c. disorder named "Americanitis," accompanied the Beautiful Possibility Exhibition tour. Participants were given a brief history of the ailment and asked if it were still recognizable, and if so, possible symptoms, causes and cures. Over 1600 hand written surveys were collected across the United States.

The data from the Americanitis Surveys were logged into a program to read and cross-examine. The Enduring 19th C. “Causes” and “Cures” represent actual statistical evaluations and word clouds.
This work is the foundation for a new focus on a Brick and Mortar project Space and “Attraction,” The Cultural Apothecary.