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Spirit Drawing
Hella Feminist: Mind, Body and Spirit

Salvaged wood and paper; Black Walnut Ink made while in residence at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine, home to the last three living Shakers.

The American Branch of the United Society of Believers, or Shakers, was established by a young woman by the name of Ann Lee (1736-1784). Following imprisonment for her Separatist religious views in England and a subsequent series of visions that established her as a leader, "Mother Ann" immigrated to America in 1770 with eight followers. Celibate pacifists who believed in the equality of the sexes and communal living, the Shakers grew to 5000 converts with 18 established communities by the mid-1900's.

Spirit Drawings was influenced by a short period in Shaker history when a group of young girls simultaneously started creating mysterious ink drawings and giving them as gifts.